Berg's Baby was recently featured as one of the 19 Best Baby Stores in America by the authors of BABY BARGAINS. You can read the article below, or view the original on their website by clicking here.


The 19 Best Baby Stores in America
Who are the 19 best independent baby stores in America?

As the authors of BABY BARGAINS, we have visited hundreds of baby stores from coast to coast during the past 15 years. Along the way, we've met some of the smartest retailers in the USA---folks who we often turn to to find out what's REALLY happening in the baby gear biz. Which cribs, strollers and car seats are selling and winning raves from parents...and what are the bombs.

Readers often ask us to tell us they want to support indie stores---but which ones are most reputable? If you are tired of the chains, here is a list of stores to check out.

A few notes: just in case you are wondering, NO retailers paid us to be on this list. We don't take advertising, commissions or fees to recommend stores in our book or blog. The retailers we think are best earned it the old fashioned way---by focusing on their customers.

So...drum are the 19 Best Baby Stores in America (in alphabetical order):

Baby Furniture Warehouse (Boston)

Baby Super Mart (Broomall, PA)

Baby Town (Reseda, CA)

Baby's 1st (Houston)

Behr's (Metro NY)

Berg’s Baby And Teen (Cleveland, OH)

Georgia Baby (Atlanta)

Goores (Sacramento, CA)

Great Beginnings (Washington DC area/Maryland)

Ideal Baby & Kids (Miami); also known as La Ideal.

Karl's (Philadelphia)

Kids Stuff Superstores (South Dakota, Nebraska)

Lazar's (Chicago)

Li'l Deb-N-Heir (Chicago)

Lone Star Baby (Dallas/Fort Worth)

Lullaby Lane (San Fransisco)

Tiny Totland (Manchester, NH)

Treasures Room (St Louis)

USA Baby (Milwaukee, WI location only)